Why is love cruel?! :”(

I fell in love with someone at the party tonight. I found out that his name is Romeo, I barely know him and yet he makes me so happy. The lyrics of this song are like exactly how I feel. LOL. (well you know some lyrics a little more than others. XD~!)

The Soviettes – Thinking Of You

But I was devastated to find out that his last name is Montague. Oh Romeo, WHY MUST YOU BE FROM THE ENEMY FAMILY?! My father will never except you… even though I love you. No one but me will understand how wonderful you are and that your name doesn’t make a difference.

Romeo PLEASE just say that you love me and I’ll be yours! I’ll stop being a Capulet~!!! D8

It’s not fair how our family names are getting in the way of our love… *sigh* T_T

How do our confrontations with justice and injustice influence the things we say and do?

When people confront justice, they take it lightly. They’re happy about what they have just witnessed and will often say things expressing how happy they are (like hooting and hollering).

But, when people are confronted by injustice, they become rather angry. They’ll start shouting rude things, maybe even pick a fight with someone else because they’re just that angry.

Injustice Essay


People often hear about crimes that were committed and how the doer was punished. (or not) However, often times the doer is not punished in a way that will give the victim any type of justice. For instance, a man kills another man. The doer is sentenced to 30 years in prison?! How does that give the family of the victim anything to hope for? What if the man lives his 30 year sentence? He gets out of prison like nothing happened and the family gets no sort of justice in this situation. I find this justice system we have to be incredibly corrupt. I personally believe that our society would be better if we used something (or did) use the Code of Hammurabi, an eye for an eye, or in my example, a life for a life. With these sorts of rules everybody would receive justice, and how much do you want to bet that crime rates would drop?

Everyday millions of crimes are committed. Whether it be a petty theft or a brilliantly planned out robbery, the evil villain is hardly ever punished correctly. This leads the victim of the crime or maybe even a family member to seek for justice. But, have you ever noticed that if the victim gets the justice they were looking for, they’re often the ones who get taken to jail. It happens all the time… almost… EVERY time.

However, there are many, many different things that the Justice System can do to fix this. My personal favourite solution for the problem is to bring in the Code of Hammurabi. I bet people would stop carelessly doing bad things if it meant that those same exact bad things would happen to them. Is this impractical? Corrupt even? I don’t think so but, others might. So another solution would be to let people have their revenge. I personally wouldn’t want this to be the case because everyone would blow this law out of proportion and use it to settle stupid things. (I stole your cupcake does not equal I will shoot you. But this is exactly what will happen if this becomes a law.) Although, more people might actually agree on the second solution than the first, you now there’s always a third, terrible solution. (Third time’s the charm? Not when you’re trying to make a solution.) The Justice System could always just exterminate everyone. (Of course, save the most impractical one for last.) This means that anyone caught doing something bad is simply… terminated. People won’t do bad things if it means automatic certain death. (I’ll be completely honest and say that my brain kind of deflated when I thought up this solution.)

Honestly if we really had to pick one of these solutions to solve such an injustice to society, I personally think that using the Code of Hammurabi would be the best solution. (and I have for a VERY long time) It gives complete justice to the victim in every circumstance and won’t give you no more or no less. You lost something? Well guess what, they lose it too. I’ve thought about this second solution of revenge a few times but, like I’ve already stated, this solution would be abused. Now, if people would use this in the right way I bet it would be a very good solution. (I know revenge never leads to anything good but, what if it did?) Now, about the last solution… It’s probably NOT the best solution because everyone in the whole world would end up being “exterminated.” People who litter would be punished in a way far more superior to their crime, which does not equal an okay from me. (Most of the time people accidentally litter anyway. Like they just miss the trashcan as they walk passed it or something flew out of their car. It would suck to be punished brutally over something so minor.) I strongly think that the Code of Hammurabi is the best way to go with this injustice.

If the court system brought in the correct way to serve justice, then we wouldn’t have to do it ourselves. I personally believe that crimes would drop and the world would live happier. You take an eye for an eye, and we give back happiness for justice.


Wikipedia is a valid source for research in the sense that it gives information. Now not all of the information is true but, not all is false. Wikipedia has many people that edit articles which can help by making the facts more reliable. However, at the same time, anybody can edit an article meaning, anybody can put false information into the article.This is the exact reason why most teachers prefer for their students not to use Wikipedia as their main source for information.

Twilight ch. 19-end

Laurent, James, and Victoria are wandering vampires that ran into the Cullens while they were playing. James was attracted to Bella because of her scent, so he wanted to hunt her. Of course Edward was ready to prtect her just as all of the other Cullens were. Two people distracted the wandering vampires by driving Bella’s truck. While two other took Bella so that they could run away to Pheonix. Bella had to tell her dad that she was leaving him and repeated what her mom had said to him. This allowed her to escape.
Edward lost track of James and went to go see Bella so that he could get her to a safe place. While Edward was trying to reach her, ella recieved a call the James was keeping her mother hostage. He said that he would let her mom go without hurting her just as long as Bella was able to get to him without any of her protectors following her. Bella left a note so that when edward arrived he was shocked to see that she had left without consulting him first.
Bella arrived at the meeting place James had set up. It turns out that James didn’t have her mother and it was all just a trap into getting her to be alone with him. He tried to kill her so that Edward would come after him. James beat Bella nearly to death leaving several bruises and lots of broken bones. He bit Bella and venom started to spread throughout her body. Fortunately, the Cullens were able to get the in time to save her from becoming a vampire. Edward had to suck out all of the vapmire venom in order to save her. And lucky for Bella, Edward didn’t suck her completely dry.

Twilight Ch. 13-18

Edward and Bella go to a meadow. Edward stands in the sun a “sparkles.” Later, Edward stays and watches Bella while she’s sleeping. She sleep talk and says that she is in love with Edward. He takes this as a time to tell Bella that he loves her too and wants her to meet his family. Bella is terrified at the fact the Edwards parents might not love her as much as Edward does.
Carlisle, created all of the other Cullens. He was the first original one and then everyone else was either saved or found. (I’m really sorry but, it was kind of long and I don’t exactly want to type out how EVERY SINGLE PERSON became a Cullen.)
When a thunderstorm occured Edward invited Bella to watch him and his family play baseball. I don’t really understand it myself but, apparently vampires need thunderstorms to play baseball. It makes them stronger and able to use more force when they hit the ball, that way it goes flying at an insane speed. Of course only vampires can play because it’s too hard for a regular person to see the ball for it moves at a very fast speed.

Twilight Ch: 9-12

Bella has finally found out that Edward is a vampire. It doesn’t bother her much, in fact, she seems very interested in it. Although Edward isn’t feeling very high and mighty. He wants Bella to be afraid of him, leave him alone. He doesn’t want her to get mixed up in any future troubles to come. But, by the way that she responds to his answer it doesn’t seem like she’ll be leaving him alone anytime soon. Edward can’t even read her mind and tell exactly what she’s thinking, all of his knowledge is just based after her reactions.

Jacob’s (The boy who basically told Bella Edwards secret.) father had told him of a legend that he believes in. It states that that Cullens are “Vampires” but, not ordinary ones. Instead of hunting humans, they hunt animals. (Animals like “Werewolves” XD That’s what I’m guessing anyway…) On the Quileute reservation the Cullens are forbidden to step foot there because of this legend. They aren’t trusted and must come no where, where they might cause harm.

Twilight Ch: 1-8

Isabella swan or Bella as she liked to be called moved to Forks, Washington to live with her dad. At frist she had lived with her mom but, she noticed that her mother seemed unhappy. Bella knew that her mother wanted to travel with her new husband and Bella hated to see her mother look so upset. So she figured the only choice to make her mother happy was to move in with her father.
When she got to Forks High School she seemed to make friends quickly, or at least draw attention quickly. Bella found herself talking to all the really uppity “I have to introduce myself” kind of people. But, aside from that a lot of boys seemed to fancy her. All except the one who she had her eyes on, Edward Cullen. When she first saw him and his family they didn’t even notice her but, when Bella came in contact with Edward, he hated her on sight. He was always trying to avoid her, he even didn’t come to school so that he didn’t have to be near her.
Even though this upset Bella, when Edward came back to school he seemed oddly flirty with her. He was unable to leave her alone. He was like her personal stalker, always knew where she was, and what kind of danger she was in. Edward ended up saving Bella twice in just the short amount of time that he figured out that she couldn’t be left alone.