Twilight Ch: 1-8

Isabella swan or Bella as she liked to be called moved to Forks, Washington to live with her dad. At frist she had lived with her mom but, she noticed that her mother seemed unhappy. Bella knew that her mother wanted to travel with her new husband and Bella hated to see her mother look so upset. So she figured the only choice to make her mother happy was to move in with her father.
When she got to Forks High School she seemed to make friends quickly, or at least draw attention quickly. Bella found herself talking to all the really uppity “I have to introduce myself” kind of people. But, aside from that a lot of boys seemed to fancy her. All except the one who she had her eyes on, Edward Cullen. When she first saw him and his family they didn’t even notice her but, when Bella came in contact with Edward, he hated her on sight. He was always trying to avoid her, he even didn’t come to school so that he didn’t have to be near her.
Even though this upset Bella, when Edward came back to school he seemed oddly flirty with her. He was unable to leave her alone. He was like her personal stalker, always knew where she was, and what kind of danger she was in. Edward ended up saving Bella twice in just the short amount of time that he figured out that she couldn’t be left alone.

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